Kids Land

Территория Детства — Kids’ LandThe 5th International Specialized Exhibition Of best goods and services for children,
Teenagers and Their Parents KID’S LAND ,The Central Hall of Academy of Arts,
7—9 November, 2012


Uzbekistan is the most populous nation in Central Asia. It has territory of 447 thousand sq. km and the population is 29 millions with annual increase on more than 500 thousand people. Uzbekistan along with others countries of Central Asian region is mainly inhabited with young people. On average the number of children in urban family is 3-4 kids but in rural families this number is much higher: 8-10 kids. Thus in our society there is the interest in health securing of children and their mothers, in proper and all-around child development and as in consequence in goods and services of highly quality for expectant mothers, children and young families.

The main goal of the Exhibition is to provide products and services for children and their parents of local and international companies.

KID’S LAND exhibition is the only specialized international show for children and their parents in Uzbekistan and many home and foreign companies show interest to it. The aims of the exhibition are searching for new markets, for new business partners and companies’ business presentations and foreign investments attraction.


  • Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan;
  • Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan;
  • Association of Businesswomen and Businessmen of Tashkent;
  • Children Fund of Uzbekistan;
  • Association non – government educational institutions;
  • Educational Center for Retraining and Development of Stuff of Preschool Institutions.


  • hygiene product and cosmetics for children;
  • children’s food and drinks, clinical nutrition, vitamins;
  • children’s drugs;
  • pastry and sweet;
  • cloth and footwear for children, expectant and nursing mothers;
  • equipment for children care, including newborns;
  • furnishing;
  • furniture for children for houses, kindergartens and schools;
  • transport for children;
  • sport equipment;
  • toys and games, including educational and developing;
  • construction sets and radiocontrolled models;
  • electronic and computer games;educational computer software;
  • developing equipment for game rooms, grounds and parks;
  • means and systems for education;
  • printed issues for children and teenagers, including educational;
  • preschool education and development centers;
  • office supply;
  • inflatable park amusements;
  • training during pregnancy and for childbirth;
  • house stuff recruitment agencies;
  • tourism for children and families;
  • organization of children events