Food Expo

FoodExpo UzbekistanThe international Specialized Exhibition FoodExpo Uzbekistan 2012.
Foodstuff. Drinks. Packing and production engineering.
May 14-16, 2013

Exhibition FoodExpo Uzbekistan is the most demanded food exhibition in Uzbekistan. This is an optimum place for business meetings with more than 4500 professional visitors of the exhibition: suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and influential professionals in food sector of the market of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is the most densely populated country in Central Asia. This is a state with the territory of 447 thousand sq. km and population of 29 million people, 51,4 % of then are urban, 48,6 % are rural.
Uzbekistan is one of the Central-Asian countries with the most dynamically developing economy. Consulting-research company Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) predicts that in 2011 Uzbekistan will register one of the highest rates of growth of economy in the world. The government of Uzbekistan forecasts that national economy will grow by 8,3 % in 2012. In 2011 GDP has increased by 8,5 %.
The exhibition purpose is attraction and saturation of the market of Uzbekistan with modern equipment, development of small and average business in Uzbekistan, expansion of trading spheres and increase of competitiveness and quality of producible production.


  • The conclusion of transactions and long-term contracts; expansion of a dealer network;
  • Possibility to learn opinion of buyers and consumers about your production;
  • Way to increase sales volumes; 
  • The exhibition gives a unique chance to remind your partners, clients and competitors about yourself; 
  • Strengthening of image of your company and statement of the positions in the market of Uzbekistan;
  • Studying of the market of the food-processing industry;

The exhibition FoodExpo Uzbekistan has an official support of key supervising state structures and organisations:

Basic subsections of the exhibition:


  • Foodstuff;
  • Meat and poultry;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Dairy products, ice-cream;
  • Oil-fat production;
  • Confectionery and bakery products;
  • Vegetables and fruit;
  • Tinned products;
  • Frozen products;
  • Ready products;
  • Children's food;
  • Dietary food


  • Soft drinks;
  • Alcoholic drinks;
  • Dairy drinks;
  • Tea;
  • Coffee;
  • Juice;
  • Nectars


  • Flavors;
  • Hydrocolloids, stabilizers;
  • Yeast;
  • Fats and oils;
  • Preservatives;
  • Dyes;
  • Cultures and ferments;
  • Acidifiers, additives;
  • Sweetenings;
  • Grasses, relishes, spices;
  • Enzymes;
  • Extracts;
  • Emulgator;
  • Egg products


  • equipment for meat and fish processing;
  • equipment for dairy industry;
  • equipment for oil-fat manufactures;
  • equipment for confectionery industry;
  • Baking equipment;
  • equipment for manufacture of pasta, meat dumplings;
  • Canning equipment;
  • Equipment for corking;
  • Equipment for pouring;
  • Equipment for laboratory analysis


  • Direct distribution — 10 000 free invitation cards by professional database;
  • Distribution of 3 000 invitation cards through specialised editions; 
  • Advertising on TV and Radio 1 month prior to an exhibition;
  • The outdoor advertising across Uzbekistan (banners, billboards); 
  • Promo - actions in supermarkets and large stores of Tashkent; 
  • PR campaign in specialised editions of the CIS; 
  • Internet – marketing; 
  • Carrying out of the press conference devoted to the opening of the exhibition; 
  • The organisation of meetings with potential clients, regional dealers during an exhibition.

Article about the exhibition www.gazeta.uz/2012/06/22/expo/


                                         FoodExpo Uzbekistan 2012 — with us you do not pay, but invest!