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In 2003 the first national exhibition company ZarExpo was founded on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The tasks of ZarExpo Company are the organization of exhibitions, presentations, conferences, symposia, round tables with the participation of the leading specialists.

Throughout 3 years, in 2005-2007 our company, together with the Russian company “Dental Expo” successfully spent the International stomatological  conference with participation of world stars in the field of stomatology.
In November, 2011, together with the Russian company «Business Cem» the international cement conference and an exhibition «Storoy Cem Tashkent 2011» has been spent.
In September, 2012 within the limits of an exhibition «PharmMedExpo», at support of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the international conference on a theme has been spent: «The Healthy family-healthy generation», with participation of academicians and professors from Russia and Uzbekistan. With lecture on a theme «the Chronic pain» Jahno Nikolay Nikolaevich - the Honored worker of a science of the Russian Federation, has acted «the Chronic pain» with Academician АМН the Russian Federation., the professor managing chair of nervous illnesses of Sechenov hospital.




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